Dear Community, we hope you are staying healthy during this pandemic, and are focusing on self-care. We are still accepting bookings.  Be well, stay hopeful, breathe deeply!
Fostering deep connections with self and others. Creating a loving, supportive, and safe environment for ALL.
TruConnection is a holistic services network that offers services falling under two sections: connection to self, and connection to others. These services include different types of massage therapy, reiki sessions, personal training and holistic health coaching, and community involvement and events. The foundational ethos of TruConnection is the idea that connection to self is the key to being able to love and accept oneself, in order to have and live the quality of life that humans so deserve and thrive from. Connection to other fellow humans is vital for a loving and prosperous human existence, but cannot genuinely exist nor last long if there is no true connection to self first.

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