A Former Ghost

Written by Jeanette Gourlie

Eyes saw faces corrupted daily,
It made her mad to see.
Disembodied voices whispered through the air,
No more could she stand to be.
Feeling regret to her former life,
Of those who left her failing.
Now a ghost haunting the night,
Her mood is dark and shady.
Thoughts of red rivers that were unfeeling,
Could bring peace that is appealing.
Her ghost is drawn by light,
Hands reaching out and grabbing on to her tight.
He pulled her out of her dark abode,
Giving her life again,
his essence he bestowed.
Her ghostly shroud dripped away,
Keeping her gloom at bay.
Apollo taught her to love, laugh, and live,
Making her happy and giving back her life.
Her ghost occasionally comes to play,
To stay in this life, she gladly pays.
To feed the black,
To keep it back.