Alternate Universes


Alternate Universes Written by Emilee Trudo We love to philosophize on "other worlds" The fourth dimension Parallel universes Outer space The ocean floor We can chat all we want [...]

Alternate Universes2020-02-06T02:57:00-05:00

Crying Shame


Crying Shame Written by Emilee Trudo Unlock your floodgates allow yourself to feel our only mission is innate wisdom to let go and heal I recognize your pain a [...]

Crying Shame2019-09-04T19:49:28-04:00

Real Talk


Real Talk Written by Emilee Trudo It's so hard to fathom how humans can be so cruel generations passing down the wrath of 'em trauma-ridden hate fuel ignorance-bred leaders [...]

Real Talk2019-09-04T19:50:43-04:00