Choose Love

Written by Trevor Boland

The things that used to unite us have been politicized to the point of only strengthening the division between us.

The technology that could be used to take humanity to greater heights has been instead turned into a way to isolate and/or fragment us.
All is not lost. I can choose love. I can choose unity. I’m fairly certain I choose love every goddamn day. I could most likely choose to unite more.
Empathy is the first step. I try to put myself in other people’s shoes, I try to understand how their life is different than mine, how various circumstances would/could bring them to the point they are now at. But when I see through you, straight through the bullshit, the greed, the selfishness, and the wanton disregard for any who can’t benefit you…
Wellllllllllllll, I tend not to sit idly by. I tend to let it be known when I can see your true self. This makes people uncomfortable. Hopefully it doesn’t make the wrong people uncomfortable. It is meant as a challenge to those who don’t choose love. Maybe even a threat to those who choose to create division.
But I also know I am far from perfect. I know I’ve made mistakes. It is not easy to admit, and hopefully this occurs far less frequently than in my past, but I know I’ve done people wrong. I’ve tried to right many of those wrongs, but the past is the past and dwelling on it too drastically will never allow us to fully embrace our future.
The most important thing is to choose love going forward. I will continue to choose love every goddamn day, just as I aim to continue to try to choose unity.
I apologize if I’ve done you wrong. I love you. I forgive you if you’ve done me wrong. But be damn sure straight mother fuckin certain that I’ll never forget. But I still love you. Just probably will leave you the hell alone as long as you don’t come near me or mine. But I still have to choose love, or else what is the fuckin point of this beautiful existence called life.
It is too short. I choose love.
To be clear this is not written to any ex or current partner, and this is not written to any family or friends. You know who you are. This is for those who have been corrupted/manipulated into choosing division over unity. This is for those who don’t choose love:
There is still time. There is still hope. You can still choose love. You can still choose unity.
Please choose love. Please choose unity.
And thank you, thank each and every goddamn one of you who chooses love. This world needs more of you. Love is infectious, love is addictive, love is necessary, please put as much love out into the world as possible. The potential of humanity, and most likely existence as we know it, completely and utterly depend on it.
I choose love. I choose unity.