Crying Shame

Written by Emilee Trudo

Unlock your floodgates

allow yourself to feel

our only mission is innate

wisdom to let go and heal

I recognize your pain

a common thread between us

we are one, ice and rain

existing differently but water still

flowing and crashing

evaporating and condensing

shape-shifting through life

as we perceive it

but I feel you tensing

building up your walls

don’t you understand

water won’t be contained

It will seep and sulk

mold-covered heart strings


So cry, darlings

cry for those who were silenced

cry for the lost and broken

cry for yourself

cry for your joy

cry for your love

cry for your blessings

cry for the obstacles

the days it’s too damn hard to get out of bed

cry for the children, for the elders

cry for humanity

cry for those breathtakingly beautiful views

cry for the news and lies and chaos

cry for the hate and its roots

cry for the disenfranchised

the forgotten

the martyrs

the leaders

the misled

cry for those most intensely exhilarating moments

the energy traded between kindred spirits

cry for having no control

and for being free from it

cry for stress relief

cry to release

cry to nourish Gaia with your recycled saltwater

cry long

cry hard

cry until your eyes have dried

and a smile appears

cry to feel renewed

cry with the rain, clasped to a tree

cry to feel what does not serve you, rush out of your body

cry to allow yourself to be filled up

we are brooks, creeks, rivers

feeding into one ocean

let’s keep those paths flowing

we are but vessels of consciousness growing