Connect with Others

As the TruConnection community builds, small events will be held via Connect to Others.  These events could be anything that brings together people who want to foster connection in their work life, personal life, or Selves.  Some events will require a small fee, some will be free, and some will accept donations. Ideas for these events are warmly welcomed and can be given via the Contact Us portion of this website.

Upcoming Events 

Past Events

    • Free Walk-In Clinics
    • Virtual and In-person poetry open mic nights

Current Events

    • We are diligently working to fund and house The Healing Cave Inc., a nonprofit for greater Indianapolis, coming soon!

Social Media Events

    • Taking a break!

Events Scheduled By You:

  • Bodywork Events: These are paid events where a bodywork service is provided to multiple people during a period of time. They are geared towards those who wish to gather a group of friends/family to celebrate or just have fun/relax. This can also include bridal and baby showers. Details are negotiable and need to be discussed over the phone (number of people, type of bodywork, location, cost, etc.)  Chair massage is an option for these events.  TruConnection is only responsible for providing massage or bodywork at these events, and cost/payment details will vary case by case. Call us at 802-349-3336 or email at to schedule!