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Keum Cobb, Certified Personal Trainer (click here to read more about her!); follow on Instagram @KeumCobbFit

Find – Your – Fit 

Free Health Consultations

I know I have the knowledge and capabilities to help you, but I want
to make sure that we are a good fit. My goal is to learn more about you, your lifestyle, and your
goals. You can also learn more about me and what I have to offer you; I view this as equally
important for creating clear expectations and boundaries within our partnership. Only if we are
a good fit will we proceed to figure out to what capacity I can help you.

I have a variety of general guidelines that I will tailor specifically to fit your needs. Options include, but are not
limited to:
o One-on-One Health Coaching
o One-Time Consult
o Exercise Programming
o Nutrition Programming
o Accountability
o Establishing Healthy Habits
o Stress & Time Management


Whatever you are looking for, I am confident we can establish something that works. For this
reason, I do not list any specific prices. We can discuss finances after making sure we are a good
fit and come up with the best possible plan for you. I believe that health and wellness resources
should be available to anyone and everyone, so I promise to do my best to work with you in
every single way.

Next Steps: How do we “get the ball rolling’?

1.  Please fill out this Introductory Questionnaire as it will help guide our conversation.
2. I will e-mail you within 24 hours of receiving your questionnaire, to schedule your 30-minute health consultation.
3. Typically, I prefer to do these in-person; however, given the COVID pandemic, we can
arrange for a video or simple phone call.

Pictured above is Keum's physical transformation...

...but her mental transformation was so much bigger! Remember that there are a multitude of effects (not just physical!) that can occur when we start to become mindful of our bodies, our emotions, and our habits. Becoming mindful of these is inevitably interconnected with eating, exercise, and general physical wellness. Being "in-shape" isn't one particular shape, and doesn't result through one type of routine or set of activities. We must connect with ourselves enough to step up and make the changes for the sake of our happiness, peace of mind, and longevity.

A picture just doesn’t do the mental transformation justice. If you’d like to meet with Keum virtually or in-person to hear about her transformation, and how she’s desiring to help you with yours, go ahead and fill out her questionnaire to set up a consultation!

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