Written by Nay

It’s hard to put it all into words
My nature of healing is my own daily therapy I don’t even realize I am a part of because my realizations flow so subtlety
From the unknown to the acceptance of the unknown
Only sometimes there is the explosion of a need to understand followed by the realization and acceptance all over again
Trial and error
Repetitive phrases
I used to be much worse but I know I was stuck in a haze
Reality is ever changing as time ticks by but each second is equal like it’s happened before like things have been the same
Taking the idea of how things relate and connect and fitting that in other equations watching the never ending web extend into the unknown
How can I explain that things simply get better by changing your point of view? How can I tell people that their shit storm is all in their head?
I can’t pull you from the depths but I can send you a message on how I did it myself which I know isn’t the same but if I’ve learned anything it’s that listening to others has helped the most.
In connection you have opportunity for reflection, energy is free so choose wisely.
It’s hard to be the light in a dark room but it’s harder to find the light in a dark life.
So with everything I’ll be the light.