Written by Emilee Trudo

Life hasn’t jaded you yet
they say
just wait
I shrug
provide a kind grin
understanding their sentiment
empathizing with their outlook
what’s brought them here
to this dim conclusion
What you don’t recognize, dear friend
is that I was born from the bosom of Gaia
out of her mantle I emerged
nourished from her roots
cut from her pith
I set off to be as her leaves
soaking up vibrant light
allowing unnecessary substances to slide down my delicately rugged, evolved shape
floating off to be with the wind
to one day return home
Dear friend
YET will not come for me
How dare I disappoint
the sun and water
the dirt
the worms and bugs
by letting their hard work go to waste
YET will not come for me
for the world and all its mayhem stands microscopic against nature and all her cycles
after every winter there are flowers, every scorching summer day precedes fall’s cool relief
every element of my existence is a catalyst
for the human I’m metamorphosing
every PSI
every Celsius degree
every minute
culminates to create all the finest jewels in the world
shit on me
take my job
take my friends
take my hopes and dreams
take my freedom
take whatever it is you think will make me reach this
you speak of
and I’ll show you my tree-born mind-state
my rooted perseverance
my sunny disposition
I’ll show you my growth
what I’ve learned
all my scars
I’ll show you the weight on my shoulders
the tears I’ve cried
the innocent humans who’ve died
the wars that are raging
the hate displaying
a world confused
too ignorant, too short fused
chaos, brutality
the mistreated escaping reality
and as we’re standing there
over all this
watching the madness of this world
bubble like magma
the responsibilities and worries
becoming an unbearable pressure
I will turn to you
and take your hands in mind
we have not YET to become jaded
but to become one
with the jade that we are