Keum Cobb Fitness Testimonials (Holistic Health Coaching)

Client Week 2 Check-In: “I feel good this week! I would say probably my best week so far and most consistent! I have been struggling a lot with being tired for the past few months, but this week, I didn’t take naps every day. I felt like I had more energy!

Client Feedback: What is the biggest change you’ve experienced or have seen in yourself since we started working together? “Mental health”

Client Feedback: How did I help your progress? “You were my biggest support at the time and it was really easy to listen because you went down to my level to talk to me and push me. You also helped me acknowledge that I’m stronger than I believe I am and that I can make my life change with goals and sticking to them. You really just whipped me into shape as a person…”

Client Feedback: Would you recommend my services to others? Why or why not? “Yes, I would. You get the information out and focus on training without loopholes and you reach the level of the individual because you just have that ability. It’s amazing”

Client Feedback Before Officially Becoming a Client: “I appreciate your passion for this all though. You’ve made it super easy by A. Not making me feel like shit, but also like B. Trying to work around things I don’t necessarily feel like changing…” [Anyone who asks me for help in regard to their health, I will provide as much free information as possible. This was someone who came to me for advice and then about a year later decided to pursue full 1:1 health coaching.]