We believe that showing by example can be one of the most effective ways to get a point across. So Emilee has stepped out of her comfort zone in a big way and created alternative lyrics to the song “Big Girls Don’t Cry” by Fergie, in the attempt to get a message across. Open up the floodgates!
The background story: Once upon a time, Emilee and Keum were enjoying a nostalgic playlist on a road trip. A particular, emotionally charged song came on. It was one of those songs that both gal-pals had been introduced to when the years of puberty were afoot, and so it was one that they both could belt out to whilst acknowledging the melodrama of preteen and teen years. But it felt weird to sing to the original lyrics of the chorus now, after all that they had been learning on their journeys, of healing and self discovery. One thing rang loud and true–crying is so important! And so, the idea was born, to create a different version about self-healing and growing, about that INNER WORLD, as opposed to the famous and fabulous break-up song lyrics written in the original.
We are made of emotions ya’ll. Even if you’ve gotten good at ignoring them or tucking them away, we are made of them. We are feeling creatures! Emotions flow in and through and out of us like water, and to live a life not allowing ourselves to express and outlet these is not a life being fully lived. Crying is just one way. Find what works for you. YELL. GROAN. GROWL. HOWL. CRY. SING. STOMP. DANCE. Take up space with your movement AND your SOOOOUUUNNNNDDDDD!!!!!!!!! Don’t TRY to MAKE it sound and look pretty. LET it FEEL good. let it flow. When we do, we are not selfish and we are not ungrateful. We are being our most loving selves.