Real Talk

Written by Emilee Trudo

It’s so hard to fathom

how humans can be so cruel

generations passing down the wrath of ’em

trauma-ridden hate fuel

ignorance-bred leaders

powerful money-hungry dictators

influencers, falsehood feeders,

some of my fucking ancestors

spewing their profitable bullshit

like pesticides on your mixed veggie sides

and it’s still raging

just more underground

hidden by the title of a society aging

only thing aging are the victims of prisons

whose children are subjects and slaves

of plagued educational systems

then we’re surprised when these children do crimes

spews of hate and disdain are received

irrelevance believed

reinforcing their sad and misled perception

the future of humans who’ve been deceived

need us to deal with institutional-isms at inception

Do people ever wonder why those they judge

do what they do?

Nah, they just sit and pray from their pew

I want their God to come down and flip some proverbial tables

breakdown all the chaos from a birds-eye view


“Dichotomies, man

society ruled by ’em, man

pick this, pick that, which side you on, man?

so focused on divisions

losing sight of provisions

the decisions of the heart and soul fight the vicious

but when your energy diminish

your morals get de-plenished

with negativity


ego submission

people look to the sky

to the news

and what they buy

to figure out good, bad

truths and lies

but the only real solution

is to use your third eye

remove yourself from western pollution

transcend to the sky

this bird’s eye view isn’t just for me

your mind, your soul, the energy between

focus on your breath

become one with your energy

and then you will see

this life is for all

and for ALL we must be