Sweet Release

Written by Candace Evelyn

Words words , these wordsy words
a mind so loud in the moment,
It was hard to sleep last night.
She knew how to silence the mind,
yet something would jolt her out every so often
begging her to live, to breathe the words
that seep so deep
The frontal lobe weeps as the back scrambles to
escape, to be released.
Draining down the back of her neck,
through the creases,
into the cracks of the shoulder blades
sitting like gumballs .
This is what Massages are for.
The sweet release of being caressed and cared for enough for one to want to be there to aid in silencing the mind, flowing and directing the release out of the body, to release from the fascia.
To soothe another in a form of agreement to release the past and be present, for a smoother tomorrow.
Sweet Release
Sweet Release