TruConnection Testimonials

“I’ve had full body massages from multiple people and, by far, no one compares to the work of Emilee. When I step into her space, I know I am receiving the best physical, emotional, and spiritual care. She cares for your body, soul, and is entirely dedicated to your overall well-being in that time.  Not to mention, she gives extraordinary deep tissue massages.”

“Emilee is incredibly attuned to the body in her work. I have never left a session feeling less than fully relaxed and truly seen, having been given exactly what I needed. Her gifts lie in her empathy, intuition, knowledge of technique, and in the simple comfort of her presence.”

“Emilee creates a calming, relaxed and positive environment with every massage. She’ll leave you feeling happier and healthier within your mind, body, and soul! 10/10 would recommend!”

“My sessions with Emilee have helped me see better those things I need to change and improve.  I’m trying really hard to find that healthier version of myself.  And I think I am doing it faster with her help.”

“The service that Emilee provided was beyond satisfying…it was indeed the best massage I ever had by far…If you want to spend money on self care, you should definitely spend it with TruConnection!”

“I just had my second massage with Emilee and it was amazing! My session was very relaxing and exactly what I needed. Highly recommend!”

“Point blank Emilee is such an amazing massage therpaist/healer. I honestly hate getting massages but I needed some deep healing in my lower back. I didn’t get a recommendation from anyone it was just the right time right connection. From the start I instantly felt more relaxed and less tense as soon as I walked in the door. I told her about my past with massages and she really took it into consideration. She really is amazing at what she does and I have told SO MANY people about her since. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for 3 weeks now and I feel more of a change going to her once than I do in all the 3 weeks I’ve been going. I’d suggest her 10/10 times. if you are looking for a proper healing session here it is. Let her work her magic!!!”

“Emilee is so kind and makes getting a massage easy! She has the best energy and even though she had just started doing Thai massage, I felt she did a great job and I after I felt so relaxed and happy just to have had her bubbly friendly happy energy surrounding me. Highly recommend!”

“I cannot recommend Emilee’s bodywork enough. Her deep tissue massage and reiki have helped me release tension and muscle pain as well as emotional pain.  She has a lovely demeanor that ensures you’ll feel comfortable and safe to release what your body has been storing.”

“Emilee is by far the BEST massage therapist, scratch that- HEALER, there is! As her client, you truly are her number 1 focus for that time period. She dedicated herself to helping you feel better, in whatever way that may be, in every single aspect- mental, emotional, and physical. As an avid weight lifter, her deep tissue massages literally improve my performance. Yet, when I need to relax, she has the perfect touch & does just that. 100/10 would recommend Emilee.”

“I had my first massage and first experience with Reiki today and it was amazing! Emilee made me feel very comfortable and she was very informative and willing to answer any questions I had. I feel much more relaxed and aligned with myself after today’s sessions. I highly recommend and plan to return in the future!”

“Emilee is amazing with her hands!! I have had multiple massages with her and never disappointed.”

“Emilee is a professional, friendly and experienced massage therapist. She goes above and beyond to make sure you’re comfortable during your session. She makes sure she’s aware of any pre-existing injuries or troubles you may be having. She follows up, post-session, by asking what the best and most challenging parts of the session were for the client. Overall a great experience. I left feeling light, relaxed, and free of any pain.”

“Emilee is an national treasure and incredible at her job! 10/10 would relax again.”

“Emilee is a skilled massage therapist. She is easy to talk with and takes your physical limitations/ conditions into account when working with you. My monthly massage is something I look forward to. Her new studio is very inviting and relaxing. I highly recommend Emilee for your next massage.”

“I’m a professional dancer and hence need to take excellent care of my body. Emilee has helped me work through injuries and do regular maintenance so that I can continue to place high demands on my body and still function wonderfully.  I strongly recommend checking her out!”
“Keep doing what you do! You can feel your passion in your hands when executing your craft!  Every time I leave I feel better than when I entered.”