Our Current Board Members:

Emilee Trudo, President & Secretary, Program Planning Committee Chair; emilee.thehealingcave@gmail.com; Pronoun: she/her

Trevor Boland, Treasurer; Pronoun: he/him

Keum Cobb; Pronoun: she/her

Andrea Georgas; Program Planning Committee; Pronoun: she/her

Committees of the Board that we are looking to build: Inclusive Culture Committee, Program Planning Committee, Grant Writers, Fundraising Committee

Interested in being a part of our board or a committee of the board? We would love to chat! Email us. 🙂

The Healing Cave Inc.

Welcome to the temporary online home of The Healing Cave Inc., a new nonprofit that is gearing up to serve the greater Indianapolis area.

Until website creation and upkeep costs become something we can fund, TruConnection is sharing their website with us, to use as a space for scheduling clients, accepting donations, and sharing what we are about, and how we aim to serve our community. Please note however that TruConnection LLC is a for-profit business and a legally separate entity from The Healing Cave, a registered 501c3 nonprofit incorporation.

2023 is the year we acquire funding through donations, grants, and fundraisers! You can find our donation form at the bottom of this page, if you woud like to donate! An announcement of our first official program, and employment/volunteer positions to fill, will be announced soon. Stay tuned. 🙂

Our Mission:

The Healing Cave provides the space, tools, education, therapies, and wellness professionals for all beings to engage with their healing.

Our Vision:

All beings are capable of engaging in their lifelong healing process, on a physical, mental, emotional, and energetic level.

Our Core Values that will guide us as we form and grow:

Empathy ~ Inclusivity ~ Accessibility ~ Integrity ~ Humility ~ Acceptance ~ Positive Impact ~ Awareness ~ Education ~ Community ~ Justice ~ Equality ~ Autonomy ~ Progression ~ Innovation ~ Creativity ~ Open to Change

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