Connect to Self

Please explore the different services we have to offer via the Services and Pricing page. Please note that some services are at a sliding-scale cost, and some are at a fixed price. Currently, all are offered by solely Emilee. If you need help figuring out which service to schedule, call/text us or send a message via Contact Us, and we will be glad to help!

BEFORE YOU SCHEDULE:  New Client Appointments

If you are scheduling your very first appointment, please select the “I’m new!” (FREE) service in addition to the service of your choice.  All this means is that there will be an extra 30 minutes tacked on to the duration of the actual service. This ensures that we have time to talk about your needs, wants, and questions, to guide us through this partnership, and ultimately bring you the genuine connection to yourself you want to foster!  All appointments are co-created between you and the bodyworker/therapist.  Every session will be unique to the client’s needs.  If you have seen Emilee in the past, but not through TruRelax/TruConnection or The Healing Cave, then you are technically a “new client”.

ATTENTION: Clients who are Pregnant or less than 3 months post-partum, will not be serviced for any massage or cupping therapy through Emilee Trudo.  She does not have the additional training for prenatal massage that ensures the safety and relaxation needed for expecting/very new mothers. Reiki is still available and very comforting, however. You may be serviced if you have a diagnosis of cancer, but you must ask your physician or oncologist, and show proof of their approval; only light pressure will be offered if you actively have cancer, though.  Clients who are above the age of 65 may or may not require a more gentle massage approach.  Also, TruConnection networks with many wonderful therapists who have additional or different trainings, and we would absolutely love to give you the contact information necessary. Just call/text 802-349-3336 or message via the Contact Us page for these inquiries.

Cancellation Policy

TruRelax via TruConnection appointments: Client will book through the Booksy platform located on our Schedule an Appointment page. Client will be required to book with a form of payment.  This ensures that the therapist is paid for their time if the client cancels with less than TWO DAYS (48 hrs) in advance of their appointment, or simply does not show up. The cancellation/no-show fee is 30% of your appointment’s total cost. If the therapist has to cancel within 2 days of the appointment, in an emergency situation or due to sickness, client will be credited 30% of that session’s cost to their rescheduled appointment. For appointments that do not have a defined cost, we will be using the honor system for cancellations. Please– every client will be respectful of therapist’s time, by being diligent in communicating any obstacles that may arise and require a reschedule or cancellation. Client can reschedule via the Booksy platform or by contacting us.